Basic Business
Residential DCL $49.95/mo ($34.95 with equipment purchase)
  • High Speed Broadband through a Dedicated Canopy Link1,4
  • 5 standard e-mail addresses @megavision.com
  • Always on “unlimited” time
    No phone line needed
    Works with voice over IP accessories making possible wire free voice communication and free or low cost nationwide long distance
    Residential only – (non-business & non-deductible)3,8
    Up to 1 full gigabyte of monthly backbone data transfer
    $99.95 activation includes lease of basic Motorola Canopy module with reflector, if needed.
    Activation fee is waived with purchase of Canopy module & rate drops to $34.95
    Professional wiring and installation available from multiple independent contractors.7
    NAT Addressing for additional security
    Reduced or waived activation fee and satisfaction guaranteed 30 day money back guarantee with qualifying prepaid plans
    It is easy to get your regular monthly fee for wireless Internet waived. If someone you refer to Wire Free Nebraska for wireless writes down on their sign up sheet that you were the one that referred them, you will get the next month's standard account fee waived. They must give us your name at the time they sign up, so make sure you remind them to write your name down when they sign up so you get the credit!
    Subscriber’s System Requirements for all DCL plans: An Unobstructed line of sight between Canopy module and Wire Free Nebraska tower4; wiring between Canopy module & PC, and PC with adequate processor speed, RAM and HD space, and an Ethernet Card with RJ45 port.

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    Wire Free Nebraska, Inc
      P.O. Box 159, Columbus, NE 68601
    Office (402) 562-5904 FAX (402) 564-9441
    E-mail wirefree@megavision.com

    1. Speeds may vary due to network and atmospheric conditions, distance from tower and server location.  Service subject to terms of written subscriber contract.
    2. Taxes  not included
    3. Multiple computers will require a multiple access routing unit. No Internet connectivity reselling. Connection of publicly accessible servers, including web, gaming, ftp, mail, etc. is an option not included in this package.
    Some IRS limitations and restrictions may eliminate or reduce deductibility. Contact tax professional for specific advice.
    4. Availability may be limited in some areas by geography
    5. Available only to bonafide businesses
    6. Requires optional domain name hosting with Community Internet Systems, Inc.
    7. Optional service available at additional cost.
    8. Residential Plan installed on business premises will be charged Basic Business rate.