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Since 1997 Community Internet has wrestled with the issue of bringing high speed broadband to farms and ranches. The first choice and most logical solution was to have the public power companies who bring electricity to every farm and ranch also bring broadband. Fierce resistance and massive lobbying by the incumbent telephone interests has consistently blocked that from happening. While our 56K dial-up generally works great, some of our farm and ranch customers were served by old and corroded copper phone wire that caused slow speeds and dropped connections.  Some of them simply needed something faster and always on.  

Now the strength of Community Internet/Megavision brings you WIRE FREE NEBRASKA in Platte and Colfax Counties. 

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Subscriber’s System Requirements for all DCL plans: An Unobstructed line of sight between Canopy module and Wire Free Nebraska tower; wiring between Canopy module & PC, and PC with adequate processor speed, RAM and HD space, and an Ethernet Card with RJ45 port.

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